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Monday, May 9, 2011

Think of a blog as a combination photo album/journal of your business success. Blogs are accessed online just like a website. Technically, a blog IS a website, only it's completely user-friendly and very inexpensive or even free.There are no monthly fees for most blogs.

A blog is where you post photos and ideas that are interesting to you, and that's what makes them interesting to other people. And since each post is a separate web page that has a date and time attached, that makes it very interesting to search engines as well.

People want to know what you think, especially about your business. They love seeing and reading gossipy tidbits of information about you. They love scrapbooks, photos and notes that show who you are and what you're doing now. You can post links on Facebook and Twitter to your blog posts.

People want all the juicy details on what you know so they can know it, too. And they want you to tell them and show them EVERYTHING!

Your excitement and enthusiasm shows in your blog. It makes other people excited, too, especially about you!
People want to buy from PEOPLE, not impersonal, outdated automated websites. Your blog shows you as a real person who is really excited and successful, right now, up-to-the-minute.

People want to buy from EXCITING, SUCCESSFUL people like you. Show them your success and they will want it, too!

Contact me and I will show you how to set up a blog for your business, or I will do all the work for you because I am here to help you build your business, not just a blog.